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Ottumwa •  Iowa



Since 1958,  Julian Campbell, Realtors® has been providing the residents of Ottumwa and Southeast Iowa with the highest quality of experience and professionalism in the real estate industry in the area. This commitment to excellence has cultivated and maintained a reputation of trust, competency, and success among customers, clients, community leaders, and real estate colleagues from across Iowa. Julian Campbell, Realtors® goes beyond the mechanics of listing and selling real estate with leadership roles in both Regional and State Realtor Associations in addition to their numerous civic activities and responsibilities within the Ottumwa area.

Whether you are a first time home-buyer, an experienced property investor, or just looking for your dream home, the professionals at Julian Campbell, Realtors® are committed to providing you with the highest quality of experience, guidance, and service that the real estate profession has to offer in our locality. 



The Real Estate business is a constantly changing industry. New laws and regulations have placed upon the licensee and consumer a whole new generation of disclosure requirements and liability exposures that make buying and selling real estate a technical procedure. The assistance of an informed professional is essential.



"To provide the quality of service necessary to insure an enduring Agent/Client relationship; to achieve the ultimate goal of buying and selling real estate with the greatest degree of professionalism and personal service available in our locality; and to be an ongoing influence in our community that instills confidence in and respect for the profession we represent."



A community is more than a place to do business - it's an investment in ourselves and each other. Since 1958, Julian Campbell, Realtors®, has been supporting the life and wellbeing of residents in Southeast Iowa. From sponsoring community events, serving time on community boards, and investing more than 5 million dollars in new construction, we're proud to call Ottumwa home.




New housing construction and land development defines the pinnacle of leadership in the world of residential real estate, and in this area of service, Julian Campbell, Realtors® is exceeding the efforts of all other local realty competitors combined. To date, the investments and developments by Julian Campbell, Realtors® total over $6,000,000 of added value to the tax base of Southeast Iowa.

Cambridge Court, a preffered 32 lot neighborhood, is Ottumwa's most successful new housing development and is the exclusive promotion of Julian Campbell, Realtors®.



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